Woman purchases mason jars, old records at garage sale to sell at...

Woman purchases mason jars, old records at garage sale to sell at next garage sale


OTTAWA – Local woman, Willow Andrews, was thrilled with her recent garage sale finds of rustic mason jars and old vinyl records, which will be featured in her own garage sale next year once she realizes that they are absolutely of no use to anyone whatsoever.

Andrews, a self-describe avant-garde fashionista, is regular patron of the city’s garage sales having already attended 34 garage sales this season scoring deals on random items that she will never use after purchase.

Though she has never heard of the musical ensemble “Julie and the Whales” Andrews was especially eager to purchase their only record, first released in 1981. The 28-year-old insists she will be able to fix the only record player in her home, purchased a month ago from another garage sale, and which is broken beyond repair.

“I picked up this stuff from the sweetest old man!” stated Andrews, who purchased her wares from Walter Jones, a 78 year-old man on resides on the block where the garage sale took place. Jones, who has made a fortune off well-intentioned hoarders, was also seen selling a tattered old work apron advertised as a “blacksmith’s shawl” and a collection of used women’s undergarments.

Notable items likely to be resold by Andrews next year to other high-functioning hoarders include: a heavy-duty oven mitt, a Fisher-Price hot wheels toy car set with no tires on the cars, the Toby McGuire Spiderman trilogy on blu-ray DVDs (without director’s commentary), and an odd assortment of Lonely Planet books from 1992 for such destinations as Czechoslovakia.

Source: thebeaverton.com