A 5 Year Old Girl Was Violently Mauled Until Her Pit Bull...

A 5 Year Old Girl Was Violently Mauled Until Her Pit Bull Rescued Her!


Pit Bulls get such a bad rap for being aggressive, mean dogs. But this one family’s Pit Bull saved it’s young family member’s life.

Many people don’t want to own Pitbull’s because they are nervous about their supposed angry nature, but they actually are sweet, loyal dogs just like many other breeds

5 year old Remayah of South Florida was petting her neighbor’s dog, a labrador, when it viciously attacked her face. It bit her face and her lips.

Her dog, a pit bull jumped the fence to reach her, and ended up killing the labrador to save Remayah. He saved the little girl from getting mauled even worse

Remayah’s mom said of the attack ‘she’s a tough cookie because I was crying more than she was.’ Her mom calls their dog Trigger ‘a hero.’

The labrador’s owner is completely confused as to why his dog attacked the little girl,saying ‘he was just a great dog, he was a nice dog.’ He adds ‘I’m more worried about the girl now that my dog is gone.’

The family is just relieved that this won’t happen again now that they aggressive dog has been killed. Remayah needed plastic surgery from the attack.

Source: providr.com