Confederate Flag rises again at South Carolina Statehouse in Secessionist rally

Confederate Flag rises again at South Carolina Statehouse in Secessionist rally


South Carolina’s Confederate flag rose again.

A year after the controversial rebel banner fell from the Statehouse, the South Carolina Secessionist Party is looking to start a new annual tradition: a flag raising rally.

Despite backlash from across the country, including calls from South Carolina’s governor Nikki Haley, President Obama and Vice President Biden to take down the Confederate flag from the state’s property after many considered it a symbol of hate in the wake of a racist massacre at a Charleston church, the Secessionist Party wanted to honor the stars and bars.

The group called the flag’s takedown the “greatest treason” in the state’s history on its Facebook event page.

“Fellow Southerners from across the Southern States will stand together in solidarity and defense of what we hold sacred,” the flag supporters said.

The group was concerned, but undeterred in its mission as tensions continue to rise in the aftermath of police-involved killings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, as well as five officers killed in Dallas by military-trained maniac Micah Johnson.

South Carolina capitol police reached out to the Secessionist Party’s board chairman, James Bessenger, and asked to postpone the Sunday rally after the Dallas shootings — the group refused to back down, according to The State.

A Black Lives Matter counterprotest of the Confederate flag’s celebration was canceled because of the Dallas shooting, but it didn’t stop opponents of the banner from showing up at the rally.

Dozens of protesters showed up, with one yelling, “That flag is hate! That’s why it was taken down in the first place.”


About 200 supporters showed up to celebrate the flag, as re-enactors dressed as Confederate soldiers saluted the banner lifted back up on the South Carolina Statehouse.

The crowd roared into applause and cheers as the flag flew over the Statehouse a year after it was taken down, with supporters shouting, “Leave it there!”

The flag will be removed once again and tucked away at a history museum, along with other symbols of the Confederacy.