France is ‘on the verge of a civil war’ which could be...

France is ‘on the verge of a civil war’ which could be sparked by a mass sexual assault on women by migrants, intelligence chief warns


France is on the verge of a ‘civil war’ which could be sparked by the mass sexual assault of women by migrants similar to the one seen in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the country’s head of intelligence has said.

He believes the situation is so tense and fragile that another major Islamist terror attack or mass migrant sexual assault could lead to a huge right-wing backlash.

Patrick Calvar, chief of the Directorate General of Internal Security, told members of the French parliamentary commission: ‘We are on the brink of civil war’.


According to French newspaper Le Figaro, he said: ‘This confrontation I think it will take place.

‘Even one or two attacks and it will happen. It therefore behooves us to anticipate and block all these groups.’

Yesterday a leaked report revealed a staggering 1,200 women were sexually abused in German cities during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The police document said detectives believe 2,000 men were involved across various cities but that the bulk of the crimes were committed in Cologne and Hamburg, where 600 and 400 sexual assaults on women were reported respectively.

Of the 2,000 perpetrators, only 120 have been identified, and about half of them were foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany.

Eyewitnesses described the night of December 31, which saw many Arab and North African asylum seekers and immigrants gang rape and attack hundreds of women, as being akin to a war zone.

The warning from Mr Calvar follows similar concerns expressed by prominent police, army and security experts from across Europe.

In May the former head of MI6, Richard Dearlove, said Europe would face a ‘populist uprising’ if its governments did not take control of the migrant crisis.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also told by security experts last October that middle class citizens in Germany were becoming ‘radicalised’ because of her open borders migrant policy.

She was warned that it could lead to widespread disorder.