Here’s a guide to how often you need to clean everything in...

Here’s a guide to how often you need to clean everything in your house


Good Housekeeping is known for putting their seal of approval on things, but did you know they also have advice on how to do good housekeeping?

This handy guide answers the question everyone asks themselves for the first one to seventy years of living on their own: “Am I supposed to clean (object), and how often?” The answer to the first question is: yes, you have to clean everything, you slob. The second varies a lot, but now you stop relying on your nostrils and consult this guide to live like a civilized human being.

Every Day. How many of these you do is what separates the truly clean from the merely acceptable (except cleaning the shower every day. Nobody has time for that). Staying on top of these will also cut down on the rest.


Every Week. The “bare minimum” chores, these separate people who can have roommates from those on their way to a TLC half-hour special. Your home won’t be disinfected if you manage these, but you could survive a surprise visit from Mom.


Every Month. If the weekly chores are the bare minimum, the monthly ones are extra credit. This is the stuff that a mean in-law would passive aggressively ask you about to prove you’re a terrible adult.


Every 3-6 Months. Somewhere right now, your parents are shedding tears of joy that you’re reading this list. (“Descale a coffee maker?” I’m 31, I use a coffee maker every day, and I had to Google it. My life just changed.)


Every Year. Congratulations, you’re a grownup. You just finished all these chores and it’s not even noon yet. Maybe you should have a cup of decaf from the coffee maker you just descaled.