BREAKING: CEO of Democrat National Party RESIGNS Because of Email Scandal

BREAKING: CEO of Democrat National Party RESIGNS Because of Email Scandal


The DNC is having a hard time.

That could be the understatement of the century.

Obviously it’s a bad sign when the DNC chair resigns the day before the convention starts.

The WikiLeaks disaster is likely to keep getting worse and worse.

The party is also very fractured between the Bernie people and Hillary people.

It’s not exactly united.

And now, it looks like the hacked email story has claimed the job of another prominent DNC official.

From CNN:

The CEO of the Democratic National Committee and two other high-level staffers left the organization on Tuesday in the wake of the committee’s hacked email controversy.

Amy Dacey is the highest-ranking official at the DNC to step aside due to the matter, a senior Democratic official said. The DNC also announced the departure of CFO Brad Marshall and and Communications Director Luis Miranda in a press release Tuesday afternoon.

Dacey is well-respected by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC circle, a source familiar with the resignation said. But the committee is looking to clean house in the wake of leaked emails that appeared to show the committee favoring Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the primary.

Not good.

More and more problems for the Democrats.

Expect this to get swept under the rug by the media but cohesion and unity in the DNC will be critical to help Hillary win in November.

As of right now, that’s a big question mark.