VIDEO: Muslims Firebomb Bus in Paris. Umm… Media?

VIDEO: Muslims Firebomb Bus in Paris. Umm… Media?


The words Allahu Akbar get thrown around a lot these days (see Muslims Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ at Munich Memorial. Furious Germans Have None of It… and Turkish Fans Boo Moment of Silence, Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’). Like in this video, where a bus was firebombed and “Allahu Akbar” could be heard during the attack…

A bus line 170 to set on fire on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in Saint-Denis. A group of individuals asked five passengers and the driver to get off before setting fire to the vehicle. There were no injuries. RATP strongly condemns this act and will sue.

It was 0:40, rue Danielle Casanova in Saint-Denis, when a group of individuals attacked and set fire to a bus line 170, which runs between the RER station Saint Denis Porte des Lilas. At the stop Charles Cros, near the Franc-Moisin neighborhood, fifteen young as the police put garbage on the road to stop the bus. The attackers then ordered the five passengers and the driver to get off before breaking windows and throwing incendiary devices inside the bus which was completely destroyed by fire.

This is all based on extremely early reports, so please keep that in mind. But if we’re drawing from past attacks where, yep everyone of them was related to Islam, it’s probably a safe bet this wasn’t done by a group of uptight Buddhists.

Also, let’s note this was a firebomb. Not a gun. Not knives. No one, that we know of, was beheaded during this little field trip of fire. Islamists have a tendency to use whatever weapon is available to them at the time. Like a giant truck, say, for Bastille Day in Nice. Which means for Islamists, the calling card is pretty much any weapon in combination with “Allahu Akbar” and targeting of the infidels. Speaking of all this terrorism, where’s the media coverage?

France has had a real problem with the Islamists since opening the doors to “refugees,” a crap ton of which happen to be terrorists. France authorities are handcuffed (like these Police officials who get chased out of a Muslim No-Go area). The French people are being attacked or terrorized in some form almost daily (it seems). And the media? Turning a blind eye it seems. Not wanting to acknowledge what the heck is happening in France. Whether the happenings be terrorism or a massive amount of uptight, terrified French citizens who are fed up with having to deal with this in their daily lives.

Is there a civil war brewing in France? If I had to put money on it, yeah. What the French political authorities do and say will differ from the French people, who actually have to live with this crap, say.

This is Islam for you. Let’s not blame anything other than what it is…