CNN unethically used a green-screen to hype war in Crimea and denies...

CNN unethically used a green-screen to hype war in Crimea and denies it


I attempted to watch this video objectively. I then shared it with a group of 10 video creators and asked if it was a green-screen. They all said yes. It clearly is. Now, the question is moreso was CNN using this openly for effect or trying to hide it? They were trying to hide it. Even at the end of the clip when they checking with the studio, the other anchor tries to pass it off that the reporter on the ground is at sea. Is that a pun?

This is absurd. And CNN in particular has a long history of dramatization and programmatic manipulation and then denying it. Why not just admit it? Green-screens are common in film! For them to be so arrogant as to think the public can’t analyze is unacceptable and it needs to be acknowledged and apologized for. It’s essentially a Brian Williams situation but on a higher level.

The second video down goes through a compilation of other instances of this.

The third video down shows Anderson Cooper being confronted on film by a man asking him about it. Cooper denies it and calls the person a conspiracy theorist. Pathetic.

If you have any information proving this is real or that they admitted it was intentional please comment. We will constantly evolve views here, but I mean: